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"When I first started this journey I weighed 384 lbs and with the help of Josh and everyone in the gym and hard work"

I want to start off by Saying thank you too Gymbos as a whole since the moment I’ve walked in the door everyone has been very supportive of me. They made me feel comfortable and I was fearful that I wouldn’t fit in. I also want to thank Josh Harris who has trained me and showed me how too eat right I’m am so grateful for him and what he’s helped me accomplish.

When I first started this journey I weighed 384 lbs and with the help of Josh and everyone in the gym and hard work I’m currently at 245 lbs and I feel awesome. Another thing I’m so grateful for is that my longtime friend Jim Collins who owns the gym is back in my life. We became friends when I was a freshman at Elder we came from two different worlds I grew up in the ghetto and went to public schools and when I came to Elder I knew no one and from the first time I met him he always treated very good, him and his parents. I have many great memories with him and his family and will always cherish them.

The thing is I not only struggled with obesity but I struggled with drugs for over a decade and I remember wishing when I was real bad on drugs I would wish one day I could get my life together and reconnect with my old friend. At one time I had lost all hope in life. But God is amazing and through the help of my fellowship I have not had a drink or a drug in 3 years 11 months and 10 days. Also with the help of Gymbos Josh and God I have lost 139 lbs and I never thought it was possible. I love Gymbos so much whenever life is going rough when I go there and work out and spend time with the people there I feel so much better. In ending just want to say I’m grateful to have my friend back in my life again and grateful for the gym helping me get my life back. Thanks guys love yall