Shannon Campbell

While I've had a love and passion for fitness for quite some time and was training on my own, I wasn't doing things the right way and I had no real guidance. In order to make visual changes to my physique, I needed a custom-designed strength training and nutrition program. 

I've trained at Gymbo's Pesonal Training and Fitness Center for approximately two years and the pictures below serve as a "before" - stage pic 2021 and "after" - stage pic 2023.

My body type is naturally skinny or skinny fat. While I was able to make small adjustments on my own through my efforts in the gym and at the table, I felt like I entered into a long phase where I was spinning my wheels and not making much progress. It's easy to become frustrated when that happens. Enduring that tough time lead me to make the decision to invest in my health, future, and aesthetic goals by jumping on board with Coach Jim at Gymbo's and truly take things up a few notches. 

Fast forward to the present and I've recently competed in three natural physique competitions. I loved having the knowledge and experience from Jim to help guide me throughout the preparation process and the reverse/build phase afterwards which I'm currently in.

I'm looking forward to continuing my personal training and prioritizing health, longevity, and quality of life for hopefully many years to come at Gymbo's. 

Shannon Campbell 12/5/23