Nicole Mack

I've always an athletic build and considered myself to be in pretty good shape. Boy was I wrong!

Monster Mash 2012 was the first competition that I attended. I had recently switched from an everyday health club for physical upkeep to Gymbo’s to approach a bit more serious side of fitness and muscle gain. After seeing the team rallying and supporting each other at The Monster Mash I knew I wanted to get on that stage!!!

I signed up for personal training with Jim Collins. He went over my goals and ideal ways to train to obtain my specific physical goals. He planned a diet out that suited my body type to adjust and make changes as I made progress. Jim (My trainer) and I decided on taking a good year to condition my body and retrain my eating habits to a clean and healthy diet detoxing from over processed and over salted foods.

This was probably the biggest challenge for me. I’ve always an athletic build and considered myself to be in pretty good shape. Boy was I wrong! I was a bit on the “skinny fat” side. The process was not fast or easy. There were a lot of mental barriers and physical commitments to build on. It was literally a daily challenge every day to say no to foods that I once thought were “healthy” that were only hindering and slowing down my progress goals. But once my body began to physically change I was hooked!

Not only did I look better but I actually felt better than I had in my entire life at 37! The best way I liked to describe it to friends and family was that it was the difference from putting top of the line gasoline in your car to the lower grade gas. Both will run your vehicle but the better fuel runs smoother and more efficient.

Gymbo’s and the patrons that go there create a positive and friendly atmosphere that encouraged me to push harder and stay focused even when outside influences of work, friends, and even family that didn’t quite understand what I was trying to accomplish.

I competed in three consecutive shows last year placing fourth in my first two shows and third place in my third show…The Monster Mash!

What a dream come true! The most interesting part of my journey was more of the mental and positive changes that are now applied to my everyday lifestyle. Not only did I accomplish my goals in rocking the stage, I also made life long friends and partnerships. And I’m not stopping now. Stage prepping currently for 2014 this fall is under way!!!