Kathie Lawyer

Have you ever met someone that believes in you almost more than you believe in yourself?

Is able to take you from being mediocre and help you excel in an area you thought would just be a hobby not a passion? Someone that stands beside you through the whole process and puts part of themselves into every step of your journey? Well meet Jim Collins… he has been more than a trainer to me for the past 5 years.. he has helped me work through/around injuries has helped me overcome an intense fear and is now putting a plan together for me so I can perform at a level I could have only dreamed of before I met him. If you want a trainer that puts into you what you put into yourself you need Jim in your corner. I couldn’t be more grateful or more excited to see what the future holds and how my physique will continue to evolve with Jim’s guidance and knowledge. Do yourself a favor and hire the blueprint don’t waste your time or money on a copy.