Cheyenne Morgan

When I was 28 in 2021, 178 lbs.I realized that I had become unhealthy. I didn’t understand what I was doing to be so unhealthy, though.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about diet and exercise.I wasn’t confident enough to ask for help. Gyms were intimidating for me.

One day I drove by Gymbos and the desire to finally ask for help became so overwhelming I pulled over and walked in to finally find some guidance. I walked in lost, and Jim Collins comes up to me kindly asking me if I need help.

Jim didn’t make me feel intimidated at all. He was very nice about arranging a meeting. I felt like he wanted to help so I felt comfortable to come back. I’ve even made friends and have acquaintances who are supportive at Gymbos.

Jim has been gracious with his time and knowledge. He has taught me that change takes time, will power and consistency. Jim has taught me everything I know when it comes to physical health and fitness. Jim’s know how and motivational talks have helped me turn my life around. I’ve learned that it’s not about reaching my dream body as fast as I can. It’s about making real lasting healthy changes. Jim taught me about mental strength, and has helped me to believe in the potential of mine.that all my small wins add up. And to be happy about them but never satisfied. That there’s always more to work on. I just turned 30, I’m down 31 lbs. I consider myself strong now. But I’m getting stronger. I look forward to continuing my training with Jim, and will advocate for him to anybody, anytime.

Cheyenne Morgan