Codi Jaeger

I had been a competitive athlete my entire life. I played volleyball, softball and basketball throughout high school and earned a basketball scholarship to attend college.

After graduating college I began to miss the competition and challenge that came with sports and was trying to find something to fill that void. I’ve always enjoyed training and working out and many people told me I should consider competing in figure competitions. I was told I had the genetics to do it and thought I could do well because I have always pushed myself.

Therefore, I met with Jim Collins in April of 2014 and starting training with him 2-3 times a wk. Jim pushed and encouraged me to limits I never thought I could obtain. I was beginning to notice incredible results in both my physique as well as my strength. His knowledge of nutrition as well as weight training is impeccable. Jim evaluated my response to the diet plan as well as the weight training program and made adjustments and changes as needed.

Jim had the ability to make me work harder than I ever had before; he was very motivating, encouraging and supportive. I looked forward to every workout I had scheduled with him because he pushed me to do more than what I thought I could do.

Jim prepped me for my first 2 competitions in 2014 where I placed 2nd in my first competition and 1st in my second competition. My placings in my first two competitions qualified me to compete at the national level. Now that more was at stake Jim tested my limits even further than I thought possible, but I trusted him every step of the way and knew he was only doing what was best for me. My work payed off this July when I won first in my class at Team U (My first national show) and became an IFBB figure pro. I couldn’t be happier with my trainer and the family I have at Gymbo’s. Everyone is so welcoming, supportive and encouraging. I plan on continuing to train with Jim as an IFBB pro and look forward to what my future holds.