Brad Robbins

A couple years ago, I saw my last day in my thirties, and I came to the quickly approaching realization that, as invincible as I've always felt that I am, that is not the case and Father Time will eventually catch up and beat me.

After figuring this out, I decided that I needed to stop the never-ending elevator ride that was found on my bathroom scale, and make some permanent changes in my life that would allow me to enjoy to its fullest whatever time I have left on this planet.

That's where Gymbo's comes in...along with some help from my buddy Drew Stein, we found this workout gym and unlike many corporate gyms, I was impressed that I could actually develop a personal relationship with not only the Gym Owner, but one of the best experts in the body building and nutritional field in the country, Jim Collins.

Since that time, and with his help I've created habits to help me drop 70+ pounds, tone and create new muscle, and just lead a healthier, more enjoyable life ahead of me...Thank you Jim and I look forward to the many future years of continuous improvement ahead!!