Mark Gomer

I am 48 years old and I’ve always tried to “stay in shape” my whole life. You know......

I’d work on some of the main muscles, like chest Or biceps, maybe some shoulders, a couple times a week. Never really had a problem with gaining too much weight so, I ate whatever I wanted to eat. Never ever worked on abs or cardio...... didn’t think I needed to.

I've known Gymbo through other friends and church for years but, never trained under him. I’m a dog trainer and I ended up training his dog, Huxley, for him. I had a summer vacation coming up so, of course, was motivated to look good for summer that year! So, I started training with Gymbo once a week and worked out at his gym or my home gym on the days in between.

He put me on the macro app that keeps track of your food intake each day. That thing is great and it really does become a lifestyle. I immediately started seeing results. One of my main motivations was seeing that before pic he made me take..... that made me realize I wasn’t really in good shape at all! Gymbo had me doing things I’ve never focused on before. Like legs for example, cardio, nutrition and making me push myself.

From personal experience, I can tell you this..... if you do what he says and you stick to the program, you’ll get your results. It’s like anything else, the more you put in, the more you get back but, honestly, the before and after pics you see here of me are 6 months apart, only about an hour in the gym each day, for 4-5 days a week and sticking to the food intake “macro” app.!

I would refer anyone wanting to improve their overall health, change their appearance or just plain wanting to get “jacked” to Gymbo Collins! Thx Gymbo!