Michelle Kenning

25 weeks of work. 25 weeks of sacrifice. 25 weeks of commitment to myself and to a big goal. Day in and day out. Rinse and Repeat.

Most people would look at the transformation photo above and only see a physical change. But I am here to tell you it was so much more and I would argue the mental transformation was even greater than the physical.

I contacted Jim in May and let him know I wanted to begin training again. I had just completed my MBA and was finally “ready” to fully dive back into training. Jim didn’t take it easy on me at all and had big expectations from the start. This is what I love the most about training with Jim. He sets the bar high and guides you to your highest potential. Being mediocre or just getting by is not an option. That’s the kind of coach I want and need!

Every single day we put the work in & the guidance I received from Jim during this entire prep was top notch. Jim lives the bodybuilding lifestyle each and every day. He encourages his clients and sets a perfect example of how to maintain a lean physique throughout the entire year. This is one of the biggest keys I took away from prep year —> “In it for the long game”. This is a quote that Jim told me a few months ago. Stop trying to be a bodybuilder in the short term and focus on being a bodybuilder for life. I am so excited and proud of myself for what we have accomplished this year & I cannot wait to see what’s next!