Nikki Warren

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

I have been bodybuilding for 10 years and have competed for 2 years.When I decided to compete for the 3rd year, I started searching for a new coach and trainer. I wanted to improve and to look my very best yet. It was March 2, 2013 when I met Jim (Gymbo) Collins, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder at the Arnold Classic. He is sponsored by ABB and Optimum Nutrition and was working their booth. After the expo, I researched about Jim and was extremely impressed. Not only from his level of bodybuilding, but from his life and faith in God. After messaging and explaining to him what my goals were, I shortly knew that my search was over.

As I started my competition prep on March 17, I was motivated and excited more than ever. Although I was only working with Gymbo as an online client, I knew that he could provide me with the best diet and training plan. I trusted him and believed in his plan, but never really knew how my journey would have had such an amazing affect on me and my life.

Everyone knows that it’s hard to trust and believe in someone’s plan,until you have actually witnessed it. Results were starting to show,but after 1 month I truly couldn’t believe how drastically my physique had changed. I was then realizing that without a doubt, I had made the best decision for me. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and meeting Gymbo at the Arnold Classic was the perfect example.

During my prep, I was given modifications to my meal plans, new training programs, and updates as needed. I worked with Gymbo for a total of 23 weeks for my 1st show, which was the NPC Muscle Heat in Greensboro, NC on August 24. Each day, each week, and each month my changes to my fitness were inevitable. All it took to reach my goal was continued focus, drive, and dedication. I left all the thinking and planning up to Gymbo.

As the days grew closer and closer to my show, I was by far ecstatic about how everything was falling right into place. My job was simple… I’ll I had to do was to continue to follow the plan.

“Show Day” had arrived… finally!! The excitement was uncontainable and the adrenaline was indescribable. All the hard work, determination, sweat, and maybe some tears were all worth it for this one day… “Show Day.” It really wasn’t about “Show Day” though, it was about the “Journey.”

As you know everyone starts competition prep with one goal in mind and that is to win. However, I did not think that way. I felt blessed and was very humble that my journey was a success and “Show Day” was just an extra perk. As I waited for my class to take the stage, I Knew that I had already won. I had succeeded far more than winning atrophy or placing in the top 3 of my class. I realized that I had learned about myself, my goals and aspirations, and how I wanted to live my life. But most importantly those who believed in me and support my goals along the way. I couldn’t have reached my goal or felt this way without such a great coach, trainer, mentor, and proud to say a friend… Jim (Gymbo) Collins.

I was so proud of my results and was overwhelmed with excitement of how I placed. The results were as follows:

Open Figure Class B: 2nd Place

Master’s Figure: 3rd Place

Although, I didn’t win either class… I did win!! I won in my heart and mind by overcoming obstacles, weaknesses, and never giving up.

Learn to strive everyday to become a better you. Although this can be challenging, it can also be rewarding as well. I believe that anyone can do anything if you just believe in yourself, remain positive, and mentally focus that it can be done. No one can predict the future and definitely can’t predict how your body will change in the future. But What you can predict is how to prepare to work towards your goal and the actions that you take daily. Choose wisely with how you want your plan to go and with whom will assist you to get there. If you are motivated and determined to be the best you can be, then I would recommend Gymbo to be your Personal Trainer.

Remember… that no matter how big or small the goal is… it can be done… with faith, dedication, motivation, and devotion. You can and will succeed.

Enjoy the journey!!