John Fischer

Gymbos has been my gym since 2011. I have had a lot of successes training here and also some failures and injuries along the way. My successes far outweigh my failures, but my injuries and failures were never the less costly in my fitness goals.

Everything was going great and then covid hit ..and the whole world shut down and so did my fitness . Then a opportunity became available and I was able to start training with Jim Collins. I've always had some great training partners through out my fitness journey but I have never been trained formally with a professional level trainer. The the first training session too this current time ,there has not been one workout that I did not only come away with a lot of very good training, but the knowledge that I came away from every session is great ! ..

The best positive out of this pandemic was my decision and opportunity to be professionally trained...and the best part is I get to continue to carry that knowledge for the rest of my life .

Having Jim as my trainer has by far been the best decision I have ever done for my training journey...where I go from here I don't know, but I do know that Jim will be a very important part of what ever direction I choose.