Mike Cavanaugh

Training with Jim has been great! After being a runner for most of my adult life, it was time to get serious and add some muscle.

I started training with Jim about three years ago and the change in my physique has been dramatic. With regular training sessions and his help on diet, I added about 15 lbs of lean mass. His knowledge of bodybuilding techniques and exercise is impressive. We never do the same workout twice. There is always a new method, or a twist on one of the old standards. Jim provided me with a much needed education on form and methods and was very helpful along the way. There are also intangibles such as pride and a sense of accomplishment that come from training at a high level. I've also noticed that there are a lot of success stories around Gymbo's. Training at a place where there are many accomplished people raises the bar. There is an expectation of performance, and that's a great environment to breed success.

My work isn't done, and I'm looking forward to continuing my work in progress with Jim!