Melanie Michel

I learned so much about proper form and technique.

I started coming to Gymbo’s in March 2014. I was looking for a positive way to spend my spare time and I was attracted to Gymbo’s because it wasn’t a chain and it seemed much more personal. In the past, I bought memberships at different gyms only to go a few times, and those gyms always felt lonely, no one around to show me what to do. When I came to Gymbo’s, I met with Josh Harris, he took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for. I started working out 3x/week and was given a meal plan to follow. After just a couple months I was seeing results, and others were too. When I began to tell people I train at Gymbo’s, I learned Jimbo had a long and outstanding reputation in the bodybuilding industry.

I found it easy to keep going bc the trainers and members were all so welcoming and I quickly felt like part of a family. Training sessions were challenging, yet fun because of the atmosphere, and I learned so much about proper form and technique.

At Gymbo’s, we often do things as a team, like the Pump n’ Run Flying Pig and the Buddy Walk. Earlier this year, Josh encouraged me to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I didn’t know anything about competitions like that, but I decided to go for it. I received overwhelming support from everyone from beginning to end. Jimbo himself, put together my competition diet and meet with me every 2 wks to do a body comp. At this point, I knew I could trust him 100% bc he had such a great reputation for training bodybuilding competitors and so many of his clients and colleges raved about how knowledgeable he is. He was extremely supportive, checking in with me almost daily to keep me on track and informed of what I needed to know for competing. I ended up competing in 2 competitions by the end of Oct. 2015 and won 3 trophies. I definitely can say first hand, that Jimbo is a nutritional genius and the pictures are proof. Coming to Gymbo’s has transformed me in more ways than one and I feel so lucky to be a part of the team.